Mackinaw Island

Last weekend I went to Mackinaw Island.  I was so fun!  I went to Mackinaw Island with my Grandma and Grandpa and i brought my friend Kaitlin.  Some of the embarrassing things that happened were:  Katie broke a plate at dinner,  I dropped my shoe in Lake Huron and a guy got it out with a net,  and my grandma's hat almost flew off her head when we were on the boat!  It was a very exiting trip we also went house back riding except my grandma she just walk when we rode horses.  We stayed at The Grand Hotel!  The Grand Hotel was beautiful!  I will post some pictures from my trip as soon as possible.  Have you ever been to Mackinaw Island?  If so did you go horse back riding or did you stay at The Grand Hotel?  If you have any questions to ask me about my trip or anything else just leave me a comment!

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