Welcome to Lizzie's Loft. I am so exited to share things about my life. I will be posting regularly. When I post please comment if you have questions, comments, or similar situations. I will be talking about books, school, places I've been and places I'd like to see. 


  1. Lizzie,

    I really like your blog template. Where did you find it?


  2. -Erin

    At the top of my blog, there is a button that says design you press it and it shows stuff to edit on your blog.It says template design at the top and you press that and there are some sections on thre side of the template designer and it is on the first button.

  3. Hi Lizzie,

    My name is Breellen and I am also doing the 2011 Student Blogging Challenge. I am 11 years old and live in New Zealand. I also like to read. At the moment I am reading a book called Hollie Chip. It is a book for mastermind for school.

    If you don't mind, I have linked your blog to my blog . Did you have fun playing in that snow fort on the front page?

    Please come and leave a comment on my blog. The link is; http://breemb4.edublogs.org.

    Yours sincerely
    Breellen :)